CNC aluminum alloy processing hand proofing precision hardware auto parts non-standard small batch custom manufacturers

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Mainly for machinery, automation equipment, various automotive glue welding equipment, shipbuilding equipment, medical

Domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment, solar power generation equipment, and petroleum exploration equipment provide high-precision and complex accessories


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product name

Hardware auto parts

product type


Processing methods

Custom processing

Processing type

CNC milling machine

Proofing cycle

3-7 days



Processing cycle

10-15 days

The maximum diameter


Surface roughness


The maximum length


Surface treatment


Product tolerance


Processing materials


Product Usage

Auto parts accessories

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In  mechanical processing, there are various forming methods of processed parts, and they can still be simply classified into 2 types. One is chipless processing. One type is chip removal processing. Previously we introduced more chip removal processing, such as turning, milling and so on. This time we introduce chipless processing. In Shenzhen mechanical processing, it belongs to metal stamping. The general stamping methods are shear processing (cutting short, cutting uniform), and impact processing (extrusion, stamping).

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