Aluminum alloy exchanger

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product name Aluminum alloy exchanger product type Digital category
Processing methods Custom processing Processing type CNC milling machine
Proofing cycle 3-7 days Precision finishing
Processing cycle 10-15 days The maximum diameter 500mm
Surface roughness 0.2 The maximum length 1500mm
Surface treatment Oxidation Product tolerance 0.01mm
Processing materials aluminum
Product Usage Digital camera accessories



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What is pulse equivalent, positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, FMC, FMS, CIMS in cnc processing?
1. Positioning accuracy: The accuracy of the actual position reached by the index-controlled machine tool table and other moving parts at the determined end point.
2.Pulse equivalent: Refers to the smallest interval that can be distinguished between two adjacent scattered details. It is an important accuracy indicator (pulse equivalent:
Pulses, the distance the coordinate axis moves).

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3. FMC: FlexibleManufacturingCe11, flexible manufacturing unit.
4. Repeated positioning accuracy: refers to the same procedure for continuous results obtained on the same CNC machine tool with the same program and the same code processing-batch parts
5, CIMS: ComputerIntegratedManufacturingSystem, computer integrated manufacturing system.
6. FMS: FlexibleManufacturingSystem.

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