Aluminum alloy electronic equipment accessories

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product name  Aluminum alloy electronics accessories product type Digital category
Processing methods Custom processing Processing type CNC milling machine
Proofing cycle 3-7 days Precision finishing
Processing cycle 10-15 days The maximum diameter 500mm
Surface roughness 0.2 The maximum length 1500mm
Surface treatment Oxidation Product tolerance 0.01mm
Processing materials aluminum
Product Usage Digital camera accessories




Troubleshooting of CNC walking machine:

The analysis process of electrical faults is also the process of troubleshooting. Therefore, some common troubleshooting methods of electrical faults have been comprehensively introduced in the above analysis methods. Now, several common electrical faults are listed.
1. Power supply The power supply is the energy source for the normal operation of the maintenance system and the entire CNC walking machine. If it fails or the fault is minor, it will lose data and cause shutdown. In severe cases, it may destroy part or all of the system.
Western countries have sufficient power and high grid quality, so their power system design considerations are less. This is slightly inadequate for power supply networks with large fluctuations and high harmonics in China. Factors, it is inevitable that there will be failures caused by the power supply. We should try our best to design the power supply system of CNC core walking machine:
① Provide independent distribution box without using in series with other equipment;
② There is a good ground at the beginning of the power supply;
③ Areas with poor power supply quality should be equipped with three-phase AC voltage stabilization devices;
④ The layout of electrical components in the cabinet and the laying of AC and DC wires should be isolated from each other.
⑤ The three-phase power supply entering the CNC core walking machine should adopt a three-phase five-wire system, and the neutral (N) and ground (PE) are strictly separated;
2.) The position loop of the CNC walking system is faulty
①Position loop alarm. It may be that the position measurement loop is open; the measuring element is damaged; the interface signal established by the position control does not exist.
② The coordinate axis moves without a command. It may be that the drift is too large; the position loop or speed loop is connected to positive feedback; the feedback wiring is open; the measurement element Pieces are damaged.

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3. The zero point of the CNC walking machine coordinate cannot be found. It may be that the zero direction is far away from the zero point; the encoder is damaged or the wiring is open; the grating zero point mark is shifted;
Speed ​​switch failed.
4. The dynamic characteristics of the NC core machine become worse, the quality of the workpiece is reduced, and the core machine even vibrates at a constant speed. There is a lot of this-the kind may be
The gap of the mechanical transmission system is too large or even worn, or the guide rail is not sufficiently lubricated or worn; it may be the speed loop for the electric control system

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The position loop and related parameters are no longer in the best matching state, and should be optimized again after the mechanical fault is basically eliminated.
5. Occasional shutdown failure. There are two possible situations here:-One situation is that a problem in the related software
The shutdown failure under the combination of operation and function operation will generally disappear after the CNC core machine is powered off after power is turned off; another situation is caused by environmental conditions
, Such as strong interference (grid or peripheral equipment), excessive temperature, excessive humidity, etc. This environmental factor is often ignored by people, such as
The mind machine is placed in an ordinary factory building or even near an open large "], and the electric cabinet is open for a long time, and there are a lot of equipment such as productive dust, metal shavings, or water mist nearby.
Wait. These factors will not only cause failure, but also seriously damage the system of the walk-through machine. Be sure to pay attention to improvement.

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